University of Sunderland moves their Student Information System (SITS) to be run by Tribal as a service from the cloud

Posted by Daniel Barrass

University of Sunderland (UoS), a Tribal customer for over 22 years, has opted to move their student information system to a cloud service provided by Tribal.

UoS has pursued a cloud-first strategy as part of a programme of digital transformation over the last five years.

As with most institutions, UoS found challenges around the rapid scaling up and down of on-premise infrastructure whilst maintaining a cost-effective provision. Moving to a partner-managed cloud has shifted that challenge and the responsibility for maintaining availability, assuring performance and platform security now sit with Tribal as a partner.

Moving core systems of record to the cloud allows UoS to concentrate effort and skill sets on those activities which bring immediate benefit to students, developing services which allows the institution to focus on achieving strategic goals, rather than deploying resource to routine maintenance tasks.

As part of the move to cloud, UoS will review core integrations to ensure that automation puts their students at the heart of everything they do.

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