Build clash-free timetables quickly and efficiently, providing optimum spread of allocations across the timetable cycle.

Empower your staff with access to timetables, room availability, timetable changes via their tablet, mobiles or web browser so they can focus on what really matters, helping students succeed.


Product Benefits

  • Solve your timetabling puzzle

    with the automatic generation of timetables that optimise all your key staff and room resources, while providing an educationally sound program of study for students.

  • Easily handle your daily organisation needs

    and plan for future events with a powerful way to manage the school day.

  • Maximise your students’ potential

    through effective timetables based on their all-important subject selections.

  • Focus on what really matters; student’s education

    SchoolEdge Timetable equips you with comprehensive timetabling tools that eliminate manual processes and reduce time consuming administration.

Watch our SchoolEdge Timetable Demo Video

SchoolEdge Timetable Demo

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