From streamlining data processes to managing funding streams

Ebs is designed to provide a single, cohesive view of your further education / vocational training organisation. Ebs improves the way you collect, collate, analyse and share information so you can streamline your operations and enhance student engagement. Offering real-time digital technologies for reporting and communication, ebs empowers your staff and students to achieve more successful outcomes.


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Product Features

  • Optimised student recruitment

    • Full digital admissions capability saves money and converts more enquiries to enrolment
  • Transparent student learning

    • Track the daily performance of every student with live business intelligence dashboards
  • Positive student outcomes

    • View a live picture of student progress against plan and manage towards positive student outcomes
  • Better student retention

    • Connect all staff and students with a single portal to promote more effective intervention that will help to increase retention rates
  • Personalised student experience

    • Communicate with your students via their preferred communication channel with ebs’ private social networks
  • Improved operational performance

    • Manage performance at all levels of the institution with automated and digital operations that increase efficiencies

Empowering the world of Education

Hammersmith and Fulham


Empowering the world of Education




Case Studies

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Burnley College

Burnley College has been using ebs since the start of the 2003/04 academic year, their team has over 18 years’ experience using the solution. The college has found that ebs and Tribal technology has enabled them to streamline their student data and funding streams, and 15 years from implementation it is crucial to their student journey and success.

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Nescot College

The North East Surrey College of Technology (Nescot) is leading the way in student communications, using Tribal Edge Engage app technology to take the next step in student experience. Through the use of NESCOMMS, their own college app and private social network, they’ve brought their learners and tutors closer than ever before.

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  • What does ebs stand for?

    This is a question we get asked a lot! ebs stands for ‘education business system’. Why? Because it manages the business of education!

  • Do you offer hosting?

    ebs is cloud-ready, meaning you can move to cloud delivery at a pace to match your infrastructure strategy. We offer hosting through our infrastructure partner, Rackspace, and complementary application and data management services to keep your system current and compliant.

  • Does ebs allow for online enquiries, application and enrolments?

    Yes - ebs offers a full end-to-end digital admissions process, enabling students to schedule their own interviews and be prompted when a task is due, such as uploading supporting evidence. It also provides automated workflows to help convert more applications through to enrolment.

  • What support do you offer?

    Support services are delivered through Tribal’s dedicated in-country ebs Support Centre via email, phone or remote connection and operates 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

  • What training is available?

    Training courses are always available and are delivered either on-site or remotely via webinar, depending on your specific needs. We also host regular best practice usage webinars.

  • What types of delivery does ebs support?

    ebs manages student data for the delivery of vocational and further education (including 6th form provision), apprenticeships and higher education.

  • Does ebs integrate with other solutions?

    ebs integrates with a wide range of leading education solutions covering third-party payment solutions, an award-winning business intelligence platform, leading SMS providers, address recognition software, Google Analytics, and self-assessment and Quality Improvement Planning software.