From streamlining data processes to managing funding streams

Designed to provide a single cohesive view of your organisation, ebs improves the way you collect, collate, analyse and share information so you can streamline your operations and enhance student engagement. Offering real-time digital technologies for reporting and communication, ebs empowers your staff and students to achieve more successful outcomes.



Product Features

  • Optimised student recruitment

    • Full digital admissions capability saves money and converts more enquiries to enrolment
  • Transparent student learning

    • Track the daily performance of every student with live business intelligence dashboards
  • Positive student outcomes

    • View a live picture of student progress against plan and manage towards positive student outcomes
  • Better student retention

    • Connect all staff and students with a single portal to promote more effective intervention that will help to increase retention rates
  • Personalised student experience

    • Communicate with your students via their preferred communication channel with ebs’ private social networks
  • Improved operational performance

    • Manage performance at all levels of the institution with automated and digital operations that increase efficiencies


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Tribal: Empowering Education at Ara Institute of Canterbury
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Tribal. Empowering Education: For anyone who wants to try



  • What does ebs stand for?

    This is a question we get asked a lot! ebs stands for ‘education business system’. Why? Because it manages the business of education!

  • Do you offer hosting?

    ebs is cloud-ready, meaning you can move to cloud delivery at a pace to match your infrastructure strategy. We offer hosting through our infrastructure partner, Rackspace, and complementary application and data management services to keep your system current and compliant.

  • Does ebs allow for online enquiries, application and enrolments?

    Yes - ebs offers a full end-to-end digital admissions process, enabling students to schedule their own interviews and be prompted when a task is due, such as uploading supporting evidence. It also provides automated workflows to help convert more applications through to enrolment.

  • What support do you offer?

    Support services are delivered through Tribal’s dedicated in-country ebs Support Centre via email, phone or remote connection and operates 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

  • What training is available?

    Training courses are always available and are delivered either on-site or remotely via webinar, depending on your specific needs. We also host regular best practice usage webinars.

  • What types of delivery does ebs support?

    ebs manages student data for the delivery of vocational and further education (including 6th form provision), apprenticeships and higher education.

  • Does ebs integrate with other solutions?

    ebs integrates with a wide range of leading education solutions covering third-party payment solutions, an award-winning business intelligence platform, leading SMS providers, address recognition software, Google Analytics, and self-assessment and Quality Improvement Planning software.

  • Is ebs AVETMISS compliant?

    Yes - through the ASR (Australian Statutory Return) module ebs is fully compliant with AVETMISS 8.0 and generates all NAT files as per the AVETMISS 8 standard. ebs also contains an error surfer which will allow AVETMISS files to be validated and the errors corrected in real time within the ebs system.

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