Cloud-based SITS: Unlock the Game-Changing Benefits

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The role of the Academic Registrar covers a vast array of responsibilities, but your main day-to-day concerns would typically be focused on the following key areas: 

Student records and data management: Maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of all students, including their personal and academic information, course registration, and exam results. 

Curriculum management: Overseeing the design and delivery of courses, ensuring that they meet academic standards and are aligned with the university's strategic objectives. 

Quality assurance and enhancement: Ensuring that the university's academic programs meet or exceed national and international standards and implementing processes to improve teaching and learning outcomes continuously. 

You will also be heavily involved in enrolment, supporting students' well-being, ensuring the university is compliant and governed accordingly, and contributing towards the strategic goals of the wider institution. 


Why should you care if the system you use to manage all of this is cloud-based or not? 

That is a great question and one that can be answered by detailing how a student information system, ran as a service from the cloud, can make you role easier to manage. Sure, the university can re-host SITS in the cloud – this will be quicker, less disruptive and [theoretically] cheaper. But digging under the service a little, one finds that this approach can also be severely limited in terms of scalability and flexibility to take advantage of new features in the system. Cost is also a huge factor, and this approach does not bring with it any predictability – something that is critical today. 

So, what about the alternative approach? Consuming SITS as a service offers a wealth of benefits that are just not possible any other way, such as:

Secure: Built using best-in-class cloud security to protect from cyber-attacks and ensure your student data remains secure.  

Scalable: Elastic performance for peak periods, creating confidence that the application can respond to those unexpected and unplanned demands like increased demand for remote access.  

Agile: Ready for optimisation, adapting quickly to external pressures, and responding flexibly to internal demands. Meet rising student expectations and maintain consistent engagement across learning modes.  

Improved business outcomes: Leverage new Tribal capabilities to shift the focus to gaining strategic value and improving student feedback. People are trained, they are engaged, and skills are focused on innovation and enhancing staff and student experience.  

Cost predictability: Protection from spiralling software complexity and skills shortages with predictable costs that allow for confident budget planning and allocation.  

Sustainable: 'Always on' with 99.9% uptime and SLAs for infrastructure and application. Offers a significant reduction in campus CO2 footprint compared to on-premise systems*. 

By taking all these things into consideration, utilising the power of your student data in SITS in a cloud environment allows you to do the most fundamental of things - to interact with, collaborate with, and support and invest in students. Having a deeper relationship with your students and providing them with richer engagements will make them happier, achieve more and create better outcomes for your university. 


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