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Angela has taught in a variety of nursery, primary and secondary schools in England, and at British Forces schools in Germany. She held positions of responsibility for literacy across the curriculum. She was a Senior Assistant Director at the UK’s Basic Skills Agency, the national development agency for the promotion and development of the basic skills of literacy and numeracy across all phases of education. She supported the implementation and development of the Quality Mark Award across all phases of education. Angela recently directed the Refugees into Schools programme across London. She is currently a Regional Director for the National Quality Mark Programme for Tribal.

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Addressing and eliminating the increasing vocabulary gap across all phases of schooling

Posted by Angela Taylor on June 15, 2018

Two new publications this year have once again highlighted the impact of a limited vocabulary on the achievement of a child: ‘Why Closing the Word Gap Matters” an Oxford Language Report and ‘Closing the Vocabulary Gap’ by Alex Quigley.

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