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Bridget McGinley

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Head of Business Development, Tribal. Bridget has worked with education software solutions for more than 25 years in schools, universities and further education providers. Her career has been shaped by the growing use of IT and digital in enabling the wider use of data and information in the education sector to understand learners and contribute to their success. She enjoys utilising the benefits of software to drive operational efficiencies and lead transformational change in education organisations.

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Digital Strategy in colleges – what if ‘back office’ really needs to be ‘front office’?

Posted by Bridget McGinley on October 6, 2017

All too often when we talk about ‘Digital Strategy’ in colleges we are addressing the issue of delivering teaching and learning through digitally-enabled techniques. Naturally the focus goes to virtual learning environments (VLEs), discussions about ‘flipped classrooms’ and lecture capture, adaptive learning and perhaps apps that deliver teaching.  There may be ventures into discussions about badges, gamification and quizzes. We feel we can tick the box when we can demonstrate that students have access to online learning resources.

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