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Eric Stoller is a higher education thought-leader, consultant, writer, and speaker. He frequently gives keynotes on how educators can use social media for learning and engagement and is a proponent for teaching students about digital identity development. With a background in student affairs, academic advising, wellness, technology, and communications, Eric focuses his energies on educating clients and captivating audiences. As the Student Affairs and Technology blogger for Inside Higher Ed, he generates conversations, answers questions, and provides insight about a variety of “tech topics.”
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10 questions about social media and digital transformation

Posted by Eric Stoller on August 7, 2017

At last month's Tribal SITS Conference in Wales, the digital transformation panel received more questions than it had time to answer. Receiving a plethora of queries from conference attendees via the web, I joined Jayne Aldridge, Executive Director of AMOSSHE / Director of Services for Students Kingston University and Andrew Meikle, Head of Corporate Information Systems at Lancaster University, to answer a variety pack of questions pertaining to all things digital plus higher education.

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