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Glynis Rabin’s career began in education and included secondary and primary teaching and headship and school governance.  Later, as co-director of an education consultancy she was involved with programme development and delivery which focused on overcoming barriers to learning and emotional literacy. In addition, her work as an assessor for the Quality Mark, including the management of Quality Mark for Birmingham Local Authority, led to her current work as a Quality Mark Regional Director for Tribal. 

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School Improvement –supporting learning through peer massage

Posted by Glynis Rabin on October 1, 2018

What is peer massage?

Peer massage is a simple 15-minute massage routine used in schools from 36 countries to promote a wide-ranging set of benefits in all phases of learning. It aims to promote the wellbeing of children, as nurturing touch is a basic need and can help children develop into healthy, well-balanced young people. Children really enjoy it, every child in the class gets to experience a positive and nurturing touch which prepares them for learning.

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