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Posted by Beth Anderson

Students’ mental health and well-being will be a continued focus in 2023, with those in further education having experienced learning through a pandemic and now the cost-of-living crisis. This, combined with safeguarding concerns, has meant that colleges must assess the systems they use to monitor and support students to ensure they continue driving a learner-led delivery and achieve positive outcomes.  

Tribal’s Engage app has been developed to work alongside your current student information systems to support student engagement and increase positive outcomes.. 

Research by the AOC revealed that 85% of colleges reported an increase in students with disclosed mental health issues in the past three years. The current financial climate has led many students to drop out of their courses early in favour of part or full-time work whereby earning a living is more important to support their families than learning new skills.  

Building a sense of community both on and off campus can support your students to feel connected to both their peers and your staff, supporting them to finish their course successfully. One college that has implemented Engage to support this is the City of Wolverhampton College: 

“We wanted to create a single collaborative space where all of the different business support areas in the College can communicate to students, but also allow all staff and students to speak with one another within ‘one pool’ - and this, for us, has been achieved with Tribal Engage.” 

Over 30 colleges use ebs and Engage to interact and support their students seamlessly. To learn how you could join them, click here. 

Click here to read how Engage has helped other customers. 


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