Engage for ebs: Building Learner Engagement

Posted by Gabriella Walshaw

When you have a good, established technical infrastructure, your appetite for change can be limited. Everything works, you know where all the bodies are, and your end users know exactly what to expect. It can be difficult to justify changing anything, especially when you and your team have limited resources. 

Tribal Engage is a mobile app that integrates with ebs (and, for your work-based learners, Maytas). That means you don’t have to change your web platforms or your base MIS/LMS just to make your learner processes mobile-ready. The app works on iOS and Android but also has a web app, allowing staff and administrators to update, schedule news, and manage student contact easily. 

Quicklinks put everything your learners need in one place. Link to your VLE for course content, with URL links in groups to point learners to specific content. Add institution ID cards and even bus passes, ensuring your learners use their app every day and stay in touch.  

Growing engagement 

Engage personas include applicants, so you can create restricted groups just for applicants. Use these to keep learners warm, to promote getting to know their peers and coursemates, and to create shared-interest groups from social activities to accommodation and support needs. 

Many sites either create a support chat for autistic learners, or see learners create one for themselves. Groups like this enable learners to find a community and feel like they belong. 

Make tasks easier 

Use automated push notifications from ebs to prompt learners to complete tasks like uploading evidence of prior learning, booking and attending interviews, and completing ILP targets. Notify learners of new Safeguarding messages to ensure they’re kept in the loop when they ask for support. 

With ebs Absence Reporting (a licensed module), learners can report an upcoming absence and upload supporting evidence from their phones. With a clear attendance and punctuality display before they submit, reduce unauthorised and unnecessary absences. Create the absence reasons that suit your policies, including university visits, religious holidays, and matches, to give insight into what affects attendance across your campuses. 

Take action 

With live timetables, VLE links, student ID cards, and bus passes all available within the app, Tribal Engage keeps learners informed, engaged, and supported. 

Book a demo now to see how Engage can support your institution. 


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