National Apprenticeship Week: The Gateway to a Skilled Future

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National Apprenticeship Week, running from February 5th to 11th 2024, is a fantastic opportunity to shine a light on the incredible value of apprenticeships. These dynamic programs bridge the gap between education and employment, empowering individuals to gain valuable skills and qualifications while earning a paycheck. But the benefits extend far beyond individual apprentices – they're a boon for businesses and the UK economy as a whole.

Apprenticeships: By the Numbers 

  • There are over 7 million apprenticeships currently completed in the UK in 2022/23. That's a staggering number, showcasing the ever-growing popularity of this alternative career path.

  • There are 692 different apprenticeship standards from the ever-evolving tech sector to the timeless craftsmanship of construction. There's truly something for everyone!

  • The average starting salary for an apprentice is £20,000 per year, a figure that rises steadily with experience and qualifications. Not only do apprentices avoid student debt, but they also start earning right away! 

  • Apprenticeships boast a 88% employment rate after completion, highlighting their effectiveness in preparing individuals for successful careers. It's a win-win for both apprentices and employers! 

Maytas: Empowering Apprenticeships 

Maytas, a leading student information system from Tribal, stands firmly behind the power of apprenticeships. Our comprehensive platform streamlines every aspect of program management, from recruitment and onboarding to progress tracking and qualification issuance. 

With Maytas, apprenticeship providers can: 

  • Simplify administration: Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork! Maytas automates key tasks, freeing up valuable time and resources.

  • Enhance collaboration: Connect apprentices, employers, and educators seamlessly on a single platform, fostering effective communication and support.

  • Boost data-driven decisions: Gain valuable insights into program performance with comprehensive reporting and analytics.

  • In 2022/23 we supported 164 providers and over 50,000 apprentices – we are proud to be a part of the vibrant apprenticeship ecosystem, contributing to the success of these transformative programs. 

Find out more 

  • Hear from apprentices - follow the hashtag #NAW2024 to read apprentices sharing their experiences on social media.

  • Visit the NAW website

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