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Benchmarking the student experience across Singapore

Posted by Guy Perring on October 19, 2021

We have been working in the Singapore private sector for the last 6 years providing benchmarking of the student experience using the Student Barometer. This has contributed towards enhancing quality and providing key benchmarking data which institutions have used for their external audits from CPE as well as contributing to EduTrust status.

For all of us, the last 18 months have been some of the most challenging of our professional and personal lives. We maintained at Tribal i-graduate that it was vital that institutions continued to listen to students to ensure they were still meeting their needs.

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How did students in Australia rate their institution’s response to Covid-19?

Posted by Stephen Connelly on December 3, 2020

From June to September this year i-graduate ran a worldwide survey of local and international students about their study experiences during COVID-19. The survey targeted students who had been expecting to be studying on-campus in face-to-face mode, but due to COVID-19 had been required to suddenly switch to study online. Over 24,000 higher education students (15,000 local; 9,000 international) enrolled at 42 institutions across 11 countries responded to the survey.

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