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Setting university finances on the optimum trajectory post-pandemic – how to strike the right balance of financial strategies?

Posted by Mat Kirby on September 14, 2021

UK HE is facing a range of financial challenges, like never before. Changes to policy and university funding are only part of the problem. Even before the outbreak of Covid-19, a record number of 114 universities were reported to be in deficit. The recent release of financial data for 2019-2020 has also provided some early indicators of how the pandemic is affecting the sector, with a significant rise in costly, short-term borrowing and the sharp decline of residences, catering and conferencing making headline news. For the first time, even universities with large reserves that have embraced commercial ways of thinking have felt the loss of income from students and ‘associated activities’.

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What UK universities can learn from New Zealand’s COVID-19 response

Posted by Mellissa Telka Oliver on September 6, 2021

COVID-19 has enormously impacted the international education sector. Results from the 2020/21 edition of the International Student Barometer (ISB) show a marked negative impact on student satisfaction. However, as demonstrated in i-graduate’s recent global report The global student experience; 2021 insights and analysis from the world’s largest student survey, satisfaction amongst international students studying in New Zealand has remained relatively high.  

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Student Minds: Covid-19 and Student Mental Health: Supporting the most impacted groups

Posted by Ella Higham on May 13, 2021

On 22nd April 2021, Tribal virtually attended a Student Minds led event - Covid-19 and Student Mental Health: Supporting the most impacted groups webinar, with the hope to listen to students’ experiences and learn about new resources available via Student Space. As a Student Space Comms Champion Tribal want to share the content and resources to our audience.

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How to look and sound like a pro at your next virtual presentation

Posted by Rebecca Unwin on February 22, 2021

Your heart beats faster. Your palms are clammy. Your breath catches and the clock ticks over. The thumbs up – the red light blinks – you’re live. The audience is watching you closely – but there is just your own face staring back from the screen in front. Now you’re wondering if the audience has noticed the collection of dirty mugs that have somehow managed to inch themselves into frame.

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