How Aspire Education Academy simplified their onboarding process with Maytas

Posted by Beth Anderson

Aspire Sporting Academy Ltd T/A Aspire Education Academy have used Maytas for over 8 years, but in the past 18 months, the usage of the Tribal Solution has intensified.

We spoke to Head of Internal Quality Assurance, Terry Smith, and Head of Quality, Matt Taylor, to understand why they chose to partner with Tribal and how it’s simplifying the onboarding process for their learners.

Who are Aspire Education Academy?

Aspire Education Academy (AEA) provides adult education courses for adults returning to and entering the workplace. It specialises in providing training to help adults gain employment in the education sector. They work with individuals to improve their skills and qualifications to enable them to gain sustainability and be an active member of their community.

Why Tribal?

Partnering with Tribal, AEA use Maytas Hub to manage their onboarding process, including the ILR and reporting.

For us to utilise Tribal more we were requested by the director to improve our online onboarding process and we researched several other platforms. We chose Tribal as we felt that when we attended our first webinar the staff who facilitated the webinar were knowledgeable and made the system look easy and were happy to help.”

As the team continued to work with Tribal, they discovered much more than a system that transformed their delivery, as they have now; reduced the risk of mistakes, became more environmentally sustainable through eliminating paper procedures, stay GDPR compliant, support the IAG states with the funding tools implemented, reduce the risks of mistakes and can send reports to managers automatically.

What difference has Maytas Hub made?

The solution has developed our onboarding process further than we anticipated as we now have included our tailored initial assessments into the onboarding process within Maytas. Having each onboarding ‘step’ under Maytas makes the onboarding process for the learner simple and efficient.”

What’s the future look like for Aspire Education Academy?

We plan to continue to use the current onboarding solution and to introduce the business intelligence reports into our data meetings.”

If you’d like to understand more about how Maytas Hub can help your organisation, get in touch with our team today.