Tribal Wins Another Five-year Contract with the Callista Group

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Geelong, 19 January 2021 -Tribal Group, a leading provider of software and services to the international education market, has been awarded a five-year $55 million contract by the Callista Senior Executive Group (CSEG). The contract provides the participating universities in the group with continued support and development of Australia’s market leading Student Management System and an upgrade path to Tribal’s modular, cloud based, next generation SMS.

The Callista Group consists of ten universities across Australia including Avondale University, Canberra University, Edith Cowan University, Charles Darwin University, University of New England, University of Western Australia, Monash University, Deakin University, Victoria University, and Murdoch University.

The Group has signed the new Callista Services Agreement (CSA 4) to extend support and development of the Callista product for another five years. Callista is one of Tribal’s tertiary student management systems that support all aspects of the student lifecycle from admission to graduation. The Callista Services Agreement delivers this collaborative solution for the collective need of the participating universities in the group.

The agreement also provides a pathway for all the universities to continue to adopt Tribal’s next-generation Edge modules as they are released, delivering new functionality as part of the Tribal Edge ecosystem. Tribal Edge is Tribal’s modern approach to an integrated student management system that evolves and adapts to standard technologies. The incremental solutions form the Tribal Edge ecosystem that allows institutions to grow with their needs in a low risk and most efficient and secure way. The Tribal Edge Admissions solution is already available for adoption for both Callista users and all Australian higher education providers and uses a suite of APIs which enable easy integration to existing management software.

Since its inception, the Callista Group’s goal has been to ensure that the software progresses and adapts through change. Tribal Group’s partnership with Callista has enabled customer-led and continual development of the platform to ensure that it delivers the greatest value to university staff by bringing efficiency to free up their time to focus on the students’ needs.

Tribal's single focus on the education sector and collective years of expertise in developing education solutions has also provided more confidence to the Callista Group that the product will be future proof as it continues to adopt functionality from the Tribal Edge product roadmap.

Peter Marshall, Chair of CSEG, commented:

The Callista Group is pleased to continue to partner with Tribal in a collaboration characterised by an agility in meeting the current needs of the group while supporting a future-focussed approach to new and enhanced capabilities. The negotiation and signing of the new Callista Services Agreement extends the service and support for the existing Student Management System and will enable the transition to the more contemporary SAAS Edge environment in a cost effective and evolutionary manner. We look forward to continuing to work with Tribal on this journey."

Mark Pickett, Tribal Group’s CEO, said,

This new contract is a significant win for Tribal Group as it shows that our partnership with the Callista Group remains strong. Their continued confidence with the Callista product and belief in the evolutionary journey to the new Edge modules is a testament to the synergy between Tribal and the Callista Group, and we look forward to continuing this journey with them.”



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