Addressing the implications of Area Review – Tribal & Beej Kaczmarczyk

Last updated: 07/02/2019

Tribal is collaborating with Beej Kaczmarczyk in a series of webinars to assist college leaders in planning for the opportunities and threats posed by Area Review.

It is clear from the FE Commissioner’s remit and the subsequent outputs of Area Reviews already underway, that FE Colleges will be required to present robust evidence surrounding the key areas of quality of provision, financial performance, recruitment & retention, and student performance. Many providers will find themselves needing to once more adapt their systems and processes to produce this meaningful analysis of this data.

Our series of free webinars “Planning for the opportunities and threats posed by Area Review” looks at the implications of Area Review in these terms, giving providers ideas for strategies to address the requirements of the changing FE & Skills landscape.

Webinar recordings:

Student Performance Data (Monday 19th January, 11:30am)

Financial Performance Data (Wednesday 3rd February, 10am)

Quality of Provision Data (Tuesday 23rd February, 10am)

Our co-host, Beej Kaczmarczyk, is well-known in the FE sector and has an excellent reputation for his expertise in leadership, management, planning, funding and finance.

He has been an FE consultant and trainer for 18 years; prior to this, he was an Executive Director of two FE colleges. As a Senior Consultant with Network Training, he led and developed new leadership programmes for senior and middle managers in Further Education.

He has developed and delivered significant organisational development and change programmes not only in the FE sectors in England and Wales, but also in Poland, Lithuania and Estonia. He has initiated and piloted new approaches to management coaching, leadership development and performance management in colleges and other training providers.

In the last nine years, he has delivered more than 600 days of leadership and management training in over 50 colleges. He has also assisted with several college restructures, provided support to new Principals and is a governor of his local FE college.

Beej is now a Director of Learning Curve Group.