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Geelong, Australia — July 10, 2024

In a pivotal move that reflects the evolving demands of the Higher Education sector, Tribal Group, in partnership with the Callista Group, has unveiled the future of its Australian flagship student management system, Callista, through the eagerly anticipated "Callista Reimagined" initiative.

Callista has been at the forefront of Higher Education student management systems in Australia for over two decades. The reimagining of Callista is set to improve the way universities manage student lifecycles by delivering a more flexible, scalable, and modernised service designed for long-term success.

The first release of the reinvented system in February 2024 generated significant excitement. Last July 1, 2024, we successfully reimagined two major subsystems, Finance and Enrolment—a substantial achievement by the Callista team within the set timeframe. The development is advancing smoothly, with another major release slated for February 2025. This rapid progress is a testament to the commitment of both Tribal and Callista to not only maintain but enrich the premier student management system in the region.

"Callista Reimagined is not just a technological upgrade; it’s a transformative step forward for our customers. This new future-proofed version of Callista will provide Australian universities an SMS that can stand the test of time, with the necessary user experiences, interoperability, flexibility and scalability to ensure the product meets the evolving needs of students and staff for decades to come."

Adam Fox, CTO, Tribal Group


Impacting Higher Education with Current and Modern Technological Advancements

Current Callista customers will experience a transformation, gaining greater efficiency, optimisation, and enhanced flexibility to cater to the dynamic needs of both students and educators. These advancements establish Tribal as a strong player in the field, enabling institutions to allocate resources more effectively and focus on enhancing educational quality and student experiences.

This marks Tribal Group's strategic adaptation to meet the growing expectations in the education technology sector. This move signify a robust opportunity and ushers in a new chapter that promises continuous growth and development. "Callista Reimagined" sets a high benchmark—an indication of Tribal's dedication to driving the future of student management solutions.

"This strategic realignment cements Tribal's role as the leader in the Australian Higher Education sector. Our strong partnership with the Callista Group strengthens and inspires us to future-proof Callista. Combining Callista Reimagined with our next-generation Australian products; Tribal Submissions and Tribal Admissions, aligns our strategic vision and dedication to excellence in Australia, priming all parties for increased success and innovation."

Mark Pickett, CEO, Tribal Group


A Partnership That Champions University Needs

The longstanding partnership between Tribal Group and the Callista Group harbours an enduring pledge to keep participating universities at the cutting edge of student management processes. The joint effort has always been centered around a common vision of continuous progression to bring value for staff and students, a vision that remains clear with the latest venture.

The Callista Group comprises ten prestigious Australian universities. Through the Callista Services Agreement, our partnership provides a collaborative and comprehensive solution that meets both collective and individual needs of these diverse institutions. Tribal's dedication to this project is evident, with a proven track record of timely deliveries over many years by the same experienced team, supplemented by additional resources. This commitment underscores Tribal's unwavering support for the successful execution of this initiative.

Callista's Legacy and Evolution

Callista's inception traces back to 1995 when Deakin University, alongside five other universities, embarked on an endeavor to create a bespoke student management system. In recognition of the gap in the market, this collective pursuit led to a solution that now serves ten higher education institutions, capturing a 23.8 percent market share.

Tribal Group's acquisition of Callista in 2015 propelled the system into a new era of customer-centric refinement. Since then, the continual evolution of Callista through the Callista Services Agreement has showcased an unwavering commitment to innovation and to the future of education technology.


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