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Tribal and MEI commence work on the Advanced Maths Support Programme designed to address regional and gender variations in the study of post-16 mathematics and increase opportunities for young people.

MEI, supported by Tribal, has been awarded the contract by the Department of Education to deliver the Advanced Maths Support Programme (AMSP), a national programme designed to increase the maths education levels of our population and better prepare young people for apprenticeships, work, and higher education.

The AMSP programme will support level 3 mathematics, including AS and A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics, and Core Maths qualifications. Commencing on 1st May 2018, it continues the close cooperation between Tribal and MEI, who are already working together via the NCETM in all areas of maths education, from Early Years to post-16.

Janet Tomlinson, Managing Director of Tribal’s Quality Assurance Solutions business, expressed her backing and vision for the programme, 

“We’re delighted to be involved in such a pioneering programme that will empower teachers across England to promote the value of level 3 maths qualifications and inspire young people, regardless of background, gender or location, to choose to study maths at level 3 post-16. The programme is of national importance as we strive to prepare our young people for their future destinations. Tribal’s work with National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematic and the Maths Hub Network, puts us in a unique position to link regional and local experts in schools, colleges and higher education to improve the provision of level 3 maths education.” 

AMSP is a response to Professor Sir Adrian Smith’s review of post-16 mathematics, which emphasised the economic importance of post-16 mathematics education and highlighted regional and gender variations in the study of post-16 mathematics. It called for a continuation of funding for national support for level 3 mathematics qualifications and supersedes the Further Mathematics Support Programme (FMSP) managed by MEI.

MEI Chief Executive, Charlie Stripp, observed,

“Studying maths beyond GCSE level helps to ensure young people are equipped to play a full part as informed citizens in an increasingly data-driven world, and opens up exciting opportunities to access high-income careers in business, technology, engineering and science.”

Components of the programme in summary:

AMSP increases the capacity of England’s schools and colleges to teach level 3 maths, ensuring all pathways are available and raising attainment. A range of professional development opportunities, to support and develop teachers of Core Maths, AS/A level Maths and Further Maths, will be offered regionally, locally in schools and colleges, and online.

AMSP will ensure that teaching and learning resources supporting the delivery of all level 3 maths qualifications are freely available to all state-funded schools and colleges. It will also provide support to enable teachers of GCSE Maths to inspire KS4 students to choose to study maths at level 3 post-16 and will offer enrichment opportunities to enthuse KS3 and KS4 students whilst promoting the value of level 3 maths qualifications. All this work will be informed by the latest research, including on how best to motivate girls to study maths.

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