Data Miner set to revolutionise data intelligence at Lakes College

Last updated: 03/07/2018

Lakes College, a further education college in Cumbria, is the latest provider to have chosen Tribal’s Data Miner tool to help better understand the information available to them, without the need of complex and technical report building knowledge.

Data Miner will provide Lakes College’s MIS team with smart intelligence, monitored KPIs, performance analysis and access to bespoke reporting - which they can create quickly, and easily share, without technical support.

The data miner tool is part of the ebs product and enables the college to drill-down into the knowledge they have and make business decisions, based on intelligent information. 

There’s a frequent and high demand on the MIS team to create a variety of different data intelligence reports. We purchased Data Miner in ebs so that we can respond to these requests more easily without relying on technical support, and ensure that we’re really getting the most from the data we capture.

Sandra Dodgson, MIS Manager Lakes College

Upon securing the contract, Tribal’s FE Sales Manager, Nigel James said

Lakes College is a great example of a provider that uses intelligence to improve their efficiency. Data Miner will help them to carve up their data in a variety of ways and look at data with a new perspective