Go Train Limited effectively manage learner data with Maytas

Last updated: 13/11/2017

Go Train Limited is a UK training provider supporting local employment priorities through its cooperation with employers and referral partners. Specialising in IAG, core skills (English, maths, ICT), vocational training and employability, Go Train Limited is committed to meeting the learning and wider support needs of individuals.

In May 2017, Go Train wanted a system to enable them to manage their learner data more effectively and efficiently. As Go Train expanded and delivered more end-to-end services to more learners, they needed to be able to create and handle larger amounts of data.

Gary Jeal, Data Manager at Go Train Limited said,

“I had used Maytas at a previous provider and knew it was the best on the market. The fact we are able to effectively manage all of our learner data in one place and produce accurate comprehensive reports was a big plus.”

Jason Greig, Account Director at Tribal added,

“Go Train has big plans to expand and we’re thrilled to be part of those plans with our scalable Maytas solution. They are a great provider and one we’re excited to be working with.”

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