Internationally recognised Quality Mark accreditation revamped

Posted by Admin on June 18, 2018


For over 20 years schools have been using Quality Mark as a framework to promote, support and celebrate the improvement of English and mathematics, with over 2,200 schools and early years settings being awarded the accreditation. The latest iteration of Quality Mark (launched in Spring/Summer 2018) aims to provide even more robust support for settings seeking to improve further the quality of service they offer to pupils, parents and carers, and governors

Since its development in 1996, Quality Mark has always sought to focus leaders to undertake effective self-evaluation and continuous improvement which drives better outcomes for pupils, their families and society. As national educational agendas develop and further research is conducted into the positive impact on pupils’ learning of high quality English and mathematics provision, then so too has Quality Mark evolved.

The revamped Quality Mark includes updated 2018 guidance and audit tools that reflect the findings of studies which identify shared views of high quality English and mathematics provision and its short and long-term positive impact on pupil’s learning. A bespoke early years Quality Mark is also available which responds to the needs of early childhood development. Nicola Morris, National Director of Quality Mark and previously a headteacher herself, explains how the revamped award builds on the accreditation’s robust foundations and provides leaders and practitioners with the tools to support continuous improvement,  “Schools can still expect the same rigour and professional approach that has been synonymous with Quality Mark over the years; the revamped award will build on this and further empower teachers to scaffold their practice with a relevant and flexible framework. And most importantly, children benefit from continuous improvement in the teaching they receive.”

The updated audit tool is drawn from research into best practice in education globally and is forward thinking in how it responds to the ever-changing demands in the education sector. School leaders recognise the need for continuous self-evaluation and monitoring of English and mathematics and have welcomed the expertise of Quality Mark assessors to challenge their thinking and evidence base to support continuous improvement.

The audit tool was piloted in Hull where an experienced group of school leaders and assessors trialled its implementation. Feedback was extremely positive and school leaders were impressed with the depth of evidence needed to achieve the award.

Liz Bramley, Headteacher at Oakdene Primary comments, "It's very much current. As a National Leader of Education looking at policy, the Quality Mark agenda reflects national policy and absolutely dovetails with pedagogy but also has the flexibility other accreditations or processes are unable to offer. Quality Mark has moved with the times."

The concept of ‘quality’ is an ever-present challenge for schools, often with subjective interpretation. Quality Mark brings proven rigour and consistency to continuous quality improvement, empowering leaders and practitioners to move their school forward with confidence.

Read how Oakdene Primary uses Quality Mark to strike the perfect balance of external challenge and recognition of excellent work

About Quality Mark

Quality Mark is an internationally-recognised accreditation celebrating schools’ exceptional achievement in English and Mathematics provision and recognising the commitment of staff. It aims to focus leaders in all phases to undertake effective self-evaluation and continuous improvement for English and maths, which drives better outcomes for pupils, their families and society.

Settings gain accreditation by evidencing that the quality of provision and practice meets the criteria for each element of the Quality Mark framework, which in turn are founded on empirical evidence and internationally shared view of effective teaching and learning. 

Over 2,200 schools have evidenced their commitment too continuous quality improvement through the Quality Mark accreditation.

Over 97% of settings engaging in the Quality Mark would recommend it to other schools.

Quality Mark is available to all settings, including early years provision, special schools, extended services and international schools.


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