Institute of Tourism Studies Joins Tribal Cloud

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In a significant move towards enhancing it's educational capabilities through digital transformation, the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) in Malta has committed to migrate SITS to the Tribal Cloud. This strategic partnership marks a pivotal shift to a more secure, agile, sustainable and scalable cloud-based infrastructure, set to commence in May 2024.

The initiative addresses key challenges faced by ITS. As with any Student Information System, there is a need to transform management reporting and analytics to aid decision-making. By transitioning to Tribal Cloud, ITS aims to overcome these obstacles, ensuring improved and modern service delivery to students and staff, enhanced security measures, and the elimination of complex management burdens.

ITS CEO, Mr Pierre Fenech, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, "This initiative is fully aligned with our ITS strategic plan, reinforcing our commitment to advancing the digitisation of our internal systems. By taking this step, we are actively enhancing our operational efficiency and positioning ourselves for continued growth and success."

Echoing these sentiments, ITS Senior Manager and Registrar, Mr Kevin Bonello, highlighted the benefits of the move, "The transition to Tribal cloud will empower ITS to tailor its IT infrastructure to the needs of its students, providing essential tools for timely and accurate information dissemination, data retention and storage, student support, and financial support tools. This evolution will elevate our institute to a new level of digital excellence."

Tribal CEO, Mr Mark Pickett, added, "I am delighted to continue our strong partnership with ITS, which dates back to 1999. Assisting the institution in modernising its IT infrastructure and elevating the overall experience for its students, all while bolstering security, is a testament to Tribal's commitment to advancing educational institutions now and in the future."

This partnership between ITS and Tribal Group is a landmark step towards the digitalisation of education in Malta, setting a benchmark for educational institutions worldwide in leveraging cloud technology for operational excellence and enhanced educational delivery.

For more information on the Institute of Tourism Studies, please visit their website.


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