Tribal Edge Closed Beta Begins

Last updated: 24/01/2019

Student Experience Rethought

Today we are pleased to announce the beginning of a closed beta process for Tribal Edge, the new way to manage the student experience. Tribal Edge helps institutions meet the challenges of ensuring success across the student lifecycle, to thrive in an increasingly competitive market and meet the growing expectations of students. The first four new modules are now available as part of a closed beta for our Higher Education customers. We will be conducting a closed beta for Tribal Edge with our Further Education customers in early 2018.

Tribal Edge delivers value added functionality for our entire customer base. It is designed for the cloud, easy to deploy, easy to manage and easy to pay for through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Each module can be combined to provide a truly mobile, engaging, and supportive experience for students and staff that enhances the current Tribal Student Information Systems (SIS), accessed through a set of APIs and integrated by Tribal.

The first four modules of Tribal Edge are:

Student View – Put your campus in your students’ palms with a mobile app that is aligned to a student’s lifestyle. Give them a personalised, tailored experience from enquiry through to enrolment and beyond that ensures all students receive the care and support they need to stay engaged, focused on learning, and successful.

Student Engage – Connect, communicate and collaborate with your students with this private, safe and secure social network. Provide a place for prospects and students to communicate with their peers and your institution in a way that is familiar and comfortable to them; replacing email with an official and reliable form of messaging. In addition, an open API will allow other systems within your institution to use this platform to communicate with students and prospects, including, for example, the Students Union, Finance Office and IT Helpdesk.

Student Support – Provide dedicated and personalised support to your students to help reduce drop-outs and ensure the best possible performance with maximum success. Students expect a seamless support experience that is personalised, and engaging, our new tools will help improve the student experience and maintain enrolment.

Student Insight – Understand the student behind the data so that you can make a positive difference and provide them with all the help necessary to ensure success on their student journey. Our predictive analytics platform helps institutions model retention and achievement data. Together with demographic data, assessment results and other information, this data can be used to predict the likelihood that a student is going to be academically successful and generate warnings for students who appear to be off track.

We want to help keep more students in education and empower them to achieve all they can. That’s why Tribal Edge is focused on the student experience so institutions can personalise, thrive, and exceed expectations.

If you are interested in joining our open beta program please register your interest and we will be in touch with further details.