Tribal Enterprise Service Desk becomes Student Information Desk

Last updated: 09/07/2018

Since its conception, the Tribal Enterprise Service Desk has aimed to provide first class internal and external customer support for Student Services teams within the UK Higher Education market. Over the last few years the product has expanded to support not just the core market of Student Services but many of the wider business units across the university’s organisation.
Enterprise Service Desk (ESD) is now the de-facto standard for student support within the UK university environment. Many of our institutions market their ESD product as “the Student Information Desk”. The product is also now being marketed within the UK Further Education market as the Student Information Desk.

To better align the product with the market base, its core functions and with emerging markets in Australasia and North America, the decision has been take to re-name the product from this week’s release to The Tribal Student Information Desk.

We want the Student Information Desk to be the leading student support solution across all regions and markets, providing a holistic view of all student issues from prospect to alumni. It supports all stakeholders within any education institution and has a proven track record of providing timely and effective customer support, promoting efficiencies in university support teams, improving retention rates for institutions and ultimately ensuring that all our stakeholders can reach their potential during their time at an institution.

The Student Information Desk from Tribal; a holistic model for student support management.

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