Five things you should be looking for in a reporting and assessment marking solution

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Report writing, and assessment marking is all too often a time consuming and laborious process, especially if your software isn’t easy to use and hinders staff productivity; or if you’re using spreadsheets to keep track of students’ classes and marks. At best, your team is wasting time tweaking formulas and layouts to report and present the data. At worst, these methods can lead to substandard quality assurance practices, which could result in simple mistakes or a more serious loss of records if files are stolen or damaged.

The good news is that a flexible student management software with an intuitive teacher interface can transform the reporting and assessment marking process, empowering staff to create reports quickly and efficiently.

Here are five things we’ve identified you should be looking for in a reporting and assessment marking solution:

  • Enable Report Coordinators to configure and control subjects, classes, assessment items, reporting schemes and report templates with simple final collation.
  • Allow Principals, Administrators and Teachers to quickly update, review and process markbooks at anytime, anywhere through web access from any web-enabled device.
  • Store and maintain a student’s entire results and report history in one place, so you can quickly retrieve and access information online at any time, giving your teachers the freedom to complete tasks away from the school.
  • Provide the insights you need to help students succeed by instantly flagging high or low achievers and drill down on student performance and patterns to estimate student outcomes.
  • Reflect your schools brand identity with the power to fully customise your reports with a flexible report designer and builder.

If your current reporting and assessment marking solution isn’t giving you all this and more then it’s probably time to find an alternative so you can focus on the delivery of learning to your students.

To find out more about how an integrated solution can help you get on top of your ‘day-to-day’ with assessments and reporting, activity management, attendance and well-being, people management and much, much more - watch our online demonstrations:


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