Confirmation and Clearing with SITS Cloud

Posted by Daniel Barrass

In this blog, we will discuss confirmation and clearing within SITS with Andrew Grinsted. Andrew is the SITS Cloud Service Operations Manager at Tribal. He is responsible for the migrations of SITS into the Tribal Cloud, as well as the ongoing support and operations for SITS for our cloud customers globally.  

1) Confirmation and clearing is a busy time for many of our SITS customers Andrew. What kind of cover do you offer SITS Cloud customers? 

During Confirmation and Clearing, the SITS Cloud Service Operations team was supporting SITS Cloud customers with extended support hours, and 24 hours emergency cover. 


2)How did it go?! 

Clearing went exceptionally well for our cloud customers this year. The SITS Cloud service performed perfectly, meeting the increased demand from our UK customers during this critical period. 


3) Were there any special plans you made to ensure continuity of service through this critical period? 

For SITS Cloud customers, we pre-scaled the infrastructure to ensure that the service had the capacity to meet demand as soon as the UCAS embargo ended and confirmation started, and again when clearing opened. Our auto-scaling capabilities where also able to ensure that the infrastructure was constantly monitored and seamlessly scaled to ensure that the SITS service performed to meet increasing demand when it was needed.  


4) What advantages do you think consuming SITS as a service from Tribal provides for critical times like these? 

The Cloud team understands that there are certain times during the academic year that are critical for universities, such as Confirmation and Clearing, and that SITS performance and availability during these times is crucial to success. Using the highly flexible and scalable capabilities of the cloud we can ensure that the SITS service scales both in terms of infrastructure resource capacity to ensure performance, but also service availability to meet the demand from increased user numbers. 




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