FIVE things students expect from your mental health and wellbeing portal

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“Universities should ensure that every aspect of a student’s experience [is] designed to support their mental wellbeing and that students should naturally encounter interventions that can assist them to develop their own resilience, wellbeing and self-management.”  Student Minds



Supporting students requires understanding their needs and helping them break through the barriers of seeking assistance. With the Student Support and Wellbeing solution offered by Tribal, educators can easily reach out to students and provide the necessary services. This is achieved by:


  1. Eliminating roadblocks to service - Removing obstacles that may prevent students from accessing support by using automated emails, event management, and notifications to promote services and make it clear where students can go for help.

  2. Reducing stigma - Reducing the stigma around seeking help by offering multiple channels of communication and a secure, easy way to schedule appointments and exchange information.

  3. Providing options for self-service - Empowering students with self-service options by utilizing your institution's knowledge base to provide quick answers to frequently asked questions. Relevant content will be surfaced based on the student's context for an efficient experience.

  4. Personalising your students’ support experience - Customizing the support experience for each student by providing services and information that addresses their specific needs and concerns.

  5. Guiding students to the right services  - Assisting students in finding the appropriate resources and providers by presenting context-based options, allowing them to check availability and schedule appointments directly from their search.


To learn more about building a sense of community and supporting student well-being, check out our product page. 

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