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A new horizon in marketing strategy for student recruitment

Posted by Charlotte Boaden on September 8, 2021

The world of student marketing and recruitment has always been fast-moving and highly competitive. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit added into the mix, even the most experienced student recruiters have been challenged beyond anything previously imaginable during the past few years.

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8 trends in student recruitment for 2021

Posted by Charlotte Boaden on September 1, 2021

From online student recruitment to integrated AI 

The advancement of technology and the importance of digital channels in student recruitment for higher education institutions (HEIs) was already firmly on the trends radar before the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Using influencers for student marketing: The why, the how and what to expect.

Posted by Jemma Legg on March 22, 2021

Since 2019, influencer marketing has skyrocketed and become an integral part of many people's decision-making process when making a purchase. Whether it's a new clothing line from your favourite brand, a holiday destination or a cultural/political movement that you want to support, there is an influencer out there to help guide you into making a purchase that feels right for you.

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Four digital marketing automation quick wins your university can implement today

Posted by Jemma Legg on February 16, 2021

Automation is regularly used to help decrease time between initial enquiry and follow up. But what is even more impressive, is its ability to maximise your communications' efficiency, without putting further strain on your resources and budget. This means you can focus on other areas of your marketing strategy whilst improving your conversion rates, engagement stats and data quality with the power of automation.  

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Winning Hearts and Minds: How to make sure your CRM project gets buy in

Posted by Daniel Barrass on December 14, 2020

Picture the scene… you have this amazing idea that you’re sure will have a huge positive impact on the way your university recruits’ students. You and your team have documented shortcomings in your current processes and the software supporting them for what seems like forever.  

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Track and Trace: The next, new normal in Higher Education

Posted by Daniel Barrass on September 1, 2020

The events of 2020 have rapidly shaped the way the world lives, works, and learns and getting staff and students back on campus safely is the goal for universities everywhere. Never before have any of us faced such a challenge - knowing what to do if there is a positive case and dealing with it promptly and professionally. 

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What will college enrolment look like this September?

Posted by Tribal Group on June 17, 2020

As colleges and educational institutions across the nation try to adapt to a ‘new normal’ way of working in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic, how will enrolment look for a new year of learning?

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Top 5 Student Recruitment Dashboard views our customers can’t live without

Posted by Victoria Peddle on May 12, 2020

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Data is King’. Having data at your fingertips provides valuable insights on how well your institution’s student recruitment activity is performing against your desired targets. Being able to quickly analyse and visualise that data is key; no one has the time in their day to spend hours manipulating it just to extract the information they need. The demanding nature of our roles within institutions require the need for tools that do it for us, at a simple click of a button.   

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Student Recruitment: Overcoming the additional pressures from Covid-19

Posted by Jenny Hogg on May 6, 2020

Competition to recruit a student  is fierce at the best of times as universities strive to hit their increasingly ambitious student recruitment targets. But in the current climate – with the pool of would-be undergraduate students predicted to be smaller due to the coronavirus pandemic – focusing on the most effective ways to drive applicants and convert them to enrolment is crucial.

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