Unleashing Digital Transformation: the University of Plymouth Adopts Cloud-Based SITS Solution from Tribal

Posted by Daniel Barrass

university-of-plymouth-vector-logoThe University of Plymouth has partnered with Tribal to implement a new Student Information System (SIS) in the cloud. The new system aims to improve the student experience, automate internal processes and streamline operations. The university's decision to implement the new SIS system is driven by the need to be more responsive to user needs, to streamline and simplify processes and to support the University’s changing needs and changing curriculum. 

The university chose Tribal after a thorough procurement process involving consultation with a broad group of internal stakeholders and rigorous market testing. This guaranteed that the institution's exact needs were met whilst ensuring the students' overall experience was high-quality. Being a cloud-based system also offers the university several intrinsic benefits, including performance reliability, increased resilience and disaster recovery capabilities, a reduction in security risks, and improved recruitment and retention. 

We look forward to working together to empower the staff and students at the university for years to come. 


Mark Pickett, CEO, Tribal said: 

Welcoming the University of Plymouth into the Tribal family brings much excitement, both from me personally and the wider group. The diligence, integrity and warmth shown by the University of Plymouth's SIS project and procurement teams have been greatly appreciated by Tribal, and it reinforces my view that this partnership will be a hugely successful one." 

I know I speak on behalf of everyone involved in the project so far when I say that we are proud to be working with the University of Plymouth on this journey. We are delighted to receive the university's commitment and share our mission to empower the world of education. The investment in our modern, intuitive, cloud-based Student Information System will ensure that the university can flex with changes in demand and ensure students' ever-changing needs can be met."  


Ruth Bourne, Head of IT Product Development and Delivery, University of Plymouth added: 

The university's digital strategy focuses on automating processes, streamlining internal operations, and improving the student experience. The decision to implement a new SIS was driven by the need to be more responsive and adaptable to the changing needs of the sector and the university's own curriculum." 

I would like us to be much more responsive and to be able to adaptable and flexible in our provision, and I would like us to have better data quality, data security, to be using that data intelligently to drive the business forwards. Implementing SITS will also allow us to learn from a large community of universities." 



Gavin Douglas, University Registrar and Secretary, University of Plymouth said:  

The new Student Information System is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform the way we support the student journey from start to end. In terms of both faculties and central teams like Registry, there's been a real appetite for change. People are really excited and see the great potential of this project over time." 




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