What do all these universities have in common?

Posted by Daniel Barrass

What do all these universities have in common?

Since 2021, a growing list of UK institutions like King's College London, University of Sunderland, University of Reading, Royal Veterinary College, University of the Arts London, University for the Creative Arts, University of  Warwick and  University of Wolverhampton have decided to move their on-premises installation to consume as a service from Tribal. There are now a total of 11 UK institutions choosing this route, making more than 30 SITS Cloud customers worldwide. 

So what? You might ask. The reasons this is a significant move are both compelling and timely. We take a look at what drove these very different Higher Education institutions to consider their approach to the cloud and also what each one of them wanted to achieve as a result.

What drives a university to migrate complex systems to the cloud?
IT leaders are striving to deliver resilient services that provide exceptional experiences for their users. The challenge is even more difficult in the education sector as you balance increasingly complex learner demographics and emerge into the new post-pandemic reality. Your strategic goals may be clear, but reaching them can be difficult or lead to delays when decision-making starts without all the information.

Cyber-attacks pose an increasing threat to HE, with 18 successful attacks on UK institutions in 2021. How do you defend against cyber-criminals with ever-increasing skills and a desire to attack at critical times?

What happens if your SIS goes down? How can you be sure that information will be available when students and staff need it?

Is your SIS a supporter of innovation or an enabler? Agility is needed to move quickly, adopt new features, realise the advantages of new technologies, move to new learning models and support lifelong learning.

How do you gain strategic value and improve student feedback whilst spending less time on the day-to-day management of your SIS?

Can you introduce cost predictability? How can we confidently allocate costs for budgeting?

How can you reduce your carbon footprint in line with institutional strategies whilst simultaneously improving service levels?

Why SITS Cloud?
Once the decision to move to the cloud has been made, the type of migration becomes critical. Many universities naturally look to a rehosting (lift and shift) model. While this model may reduce hardware costs, you still manage your SIS in the same way. It continues to be self-managed, but this solution doesn’t exploit the full benefits of the cloud and will not solve many of the problems. In fact, in certain cases, it can exacerbate them.

We know better than anyone that, over the years, some processes have become lengthy and complex. With this complexity comes the need for expensive, specialised knowledge. With ageing hardware and more complicated technology adding to the burden, IT staff are tasked with "keeping the lights on".

Re-platforming with SITS Cloud from Tribal helps you deliver an infrastructure change strategy and an IT services strategy. We help you migrate SITS to the cloud and subsequently deliver it to you as a managed service. We take care of the day-to-day running of your system to handle the demands of the modern institution, freeing you and your team to focus on what really matters.


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