The Growth Company: The digital transformation project

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The Growth Company is a leading training provider delivering apprenticeship programmes, AEB and ESF courses. Its mission is to enable growth, create jobs and, ultimately, improve lives.

The Growth Company has partnered with Tribal since 2005, using Tribal's learner management system Maytas and integrated ePortfolio, Maytas Hub (formerly named e-track). 

As part of a wider systems digital transformation project, the Growth Company approached Tribal to create a new digital onboarding process. Paul Taylor, Systems and MI Manager at The Growth Company, tells the story.

What challenges did you face? 

We had a hybrid paper/electronic enrolment process that meant that staff still had to visit employers and learners to collect data and then bring it into administration to input into Maytas (Tribal's Learner Management System).

This process created a lag in getting new start data into Maytas, particularly where we had to go back out to employers to collect additional or corrected data. It also caused  duplications as we were inputting data that we had already gathered on paper or electronic ILRs.

What were you looking for in a solution? 

We wanted a solution that allowed us to send and complete forms remotely, with a workflow process which passed the forms from learner to sales and delivery staff, admin teams, and employers to allow them to complete their sections through an automated process whilst also authenticating the data for compliance purposes.

Why did you choose Tribal over other solutions you researched? 

We were already a Maytas user, which helped, but the support we received through Tribal's project management team was excellent, and we worked together to get the solution we wanted.

What impact has the new online onboarding process had? 

We can now see enrolment data much earlier as the new onboarding process makes new starts data visible in Maytas, and this allows us to track where learners are in the onboarding process. Having all our start data visible in Maytas and through our reporting is critical for managing performance, business planning, and forecasting income.

There are also significant cost savings as we have reduced duplication of input and the need for staff to travel to deliver forms and collect data.

What's the next step?

We are working with Tribal to look at how we can further develop to the workflow process to deal with differing onboarding scenarios with employers.

Anything that particularly impressed you? 

The support that we received from Tribal was particularly impressive. And the fact we now have a solution that collects enrolment data remotely!

How have you found working with the Tribal team? 

Very good. The project team were very professional and transparent with their project management approach, which allowed both sides to deliver what they needed to get the solution to where we wanted it to be.


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