Tribal Announces That 17 Australian Tertiary Education Institutions Now Submit Data To Government TCSI Portal Using Tribal Submissions

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Sydney, August 17, 2021 Tribal Group, a leading software and services provider to the Australian higher education sector, has announced that 17 Australian universities, TAFE organisations and higher education providers are now live, and submitting statutory data returns to the government with Tribal Submissions.

The new reporting requirement stems from the Australian Government Tertiary Collection of Student Information (TCSI) project, a joint initiative between the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) and Services Australia. It has transformed how student information is collected and provides a better solution benefiting both Australian tertiary education providers and students.

Tribal Submissions delivers critical student data directly into the Federal Government’s TCSI B2G API suite through an intuitive user interface to reduce risk and streamline the submission process. Offering more feature functionality than just an Application Programming Interface, the native cloud based, multi-tenanted SaaS solution stages and collates real-time data and can be integrated with any Student Management System (SMS).          

Tribal, along with its customers, has been working to develop the SMS agnostic submissions solution alongside other higher education and VET providers as a part of the Australian Government TCSI working group since its inception in 2018. All clients are now live with Tribal Submissions and are routinely submitting data to the government after adopting Tribal Submissions in 2020. This is a significant milestone for Tribal, as well as its customers, as it is the first core Student Management System Module globally to be deployed on Tribal’s native cloud platform, Tribal Edge.

Peter Corbett, Director Student Administration at Edith Cowan University, says,

The implementation of TCSI was a complex and rapidly evolving project. Having Tribal involved early with the TCSI project gave me the assurance that we would be able to meet all of the deadlines and requirements in what was a significant change in process. TCSI requirements are extensive and broad and Tribal’s engagement with both the Government and our university ensured we have the coverage required to address these requirements as keeping up with these constant changes was a challenge.

We are now one of the very few providers who were able to implement TCSI, receive approval to move out of safe mode and be compliant at the earliest Government checkpoint. Thankfully, we avoided the need for a major internal project having implemented TCSI with basically business as usual resources. It is interesting to observe providers who are using other software vendors, have major projects active and are still struggling with many months of work ahead of them before they can become compliant.

Our relationship with Tribal is more than just as vendor, it’s a partnership that checks in to see how we are progressing because we both seek the same outcome - success. Even at a time with engagement is more difficult than ever, we have all found a way to stay connected. Despite the considerable internal change we have ahead of us as implementation deadline approaches, the work Tribal and our partner institutions have put into the TCSI project gives me a sense of confidence that we have things in hand.

Lisa Davis, Senior Director, Student and Education Business Services, Monash University

After a 3 year project, Monash went live with Tribal Submissions in May 2021. This project, one of the most challenging since adopting Callista as our SMS, had numerous layers of complexity added due to COVID19 and remote working conditions.  The project has not only transformed batch reporting into real time but also required reconciliation and validation of a great deal of previously reported government data.

Despite Tribal interactions with the government TCSI team during the design and build phases, late changes to specifications and validation rules from the government resulted in the necessity for rework and retesting by Tribal and the Callista institutions.  Government data migration rules also created a number of obstacles to error free reporting.

The strength of the Callista consortium was evident through the TCSI User Group.  Tribal were able to understand and adapt solutions based on business processes and clients could share and resolve common issues.  Whilst there is still more work to be done to complete the whole TCSI suite of work, the Edge TCSI Submissions is processing a large volume of data for Monash on a regular basis.

Tribal's Admissions solution also have the flexibility to adapt to future government requirements and will help providers by fully automating approval and enabling the curation and modification of single or bulk records in an easy-to-use intuitive interface to optimise TCSI returns.

Peter Croft, Managing Director, APAC

We are immensely proud of the work our team has done and the collaborative approach our customers have adopted in working with us to deliver the Tribal Submissions TCSI solution. Not only does this provide critical capability for our client base but this is also the first of our edge SaaS modules deployed globally. We look forward to supporting our clients on the Tribal Edge platform for many years to come.

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