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Tribal Group is delighted to announce the release of the new digital Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for ebs


Further Education is the ‘Cinderella sector’, an industry with the skills and expertise to offer learners boundless opportunity, no matter their background. Tribal’s Innovation Team is an investment in this sector, providing tailored, extensive development on software that inspires and empowers users.

Enabling learners to build, layer and demonstrate effective learning habits, the new Individual Learning Plan (ILP) creates naturally occurring evidence for inspection. With granular details for targets, learners can visualise their steps to success, developing the skills they need to thrive.

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Tribal met learners and staff from entry- to higher-level learning. Our dedicated UX/UI designer worked with blind and visually-impaired users on building real accessibility for screen-readers and assistive technology, creating industry-leading software for disabled users. We learned how learners set their own goals, what motivates them, and how they support each other to succeed. Development happened mobile-first, recognising that staff and learners will update and complete targets wherever they are – in workshops, in class, travelling or at work.

The new Tribal ILP is now available for ebs

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