We have designed a product and service which meets the needs of every tertiary education establishment

Focussing on collaboration through the Callista Service Agreement (CSA), Tribal is working closely with Australian tertiary institutions to provide a solution that satisfies their collective need. Under this unique arrangement, we encourage active engagement in our community of common interest for the benefit of all. And if you need specific functionality – we’ll support your individual needs by building bespoke software as required.


Product Features

  • Development services

    • Combining best practice with an intimate knowledge of the education sector, Tribal’s development methodologies are continuously refined by working in partnership with our customers
  • Managed services

    • Delivered by a dedicated team of professionals – our managed services comprise a range of technical and business expertise which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your institution
  • Tribal consulting

    • Tribal works exclusively within the Australian tertiary education sector, which makes us perfectly placed to deliver customised software development, training, software implementation, database administration and application management services



  • What support is available?

    Our support staff can provide technical guidance, problem solving and functionality clarification. With direct access to the Tribal professional staff who build the software, the Tribal Support Team can assist you to solve your Callista SMS issue immediately and decisively.

  • What managed services does Tribal provide?

    Tribal offers a range of business and technical services including; upgrade services, local application development, secure data centre hosting, ongoing server support and database monitoring and administration.

  • Am I able to have specialist Tribal Staff on site?

    Tribal’s consulting services offer real economic advantages and business benefits. Whether outsourcing a specific project, augmenting your in-house resources or initiating large-scale application development and implementation, you can leverage Tribal’s innovation, skills and experience to achieve your business objectives in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Can I have a custom solution?

    We can support our clients' individual needs by building new functionality, when and where required. Through this, we provide predictability, cost-effectiveness and customisation, leveraging our deep domain knowledge.

  • How is Tribal collaborative?

    The Tribal collaboration process is incorporated within a unique tertiary education sector initiative: the Callista Service Agreement (CSA). The CSA provides the framework within which participants collaborate with Tribal to design a product and service which meets the specific, collective needs of their institutions.

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