Student apps the communication revolution in education

Posted by Tribal Group

What does the best student engagement app look like from a technology point of view? Hint: Central to the solution is an integrated private social network. 

Specifically, an integrated private social network that: 

  • Delivers a safe and secure environment for staff and students to communicate and collaborate. 
  • Integrates with all your student information systems to provide a seamless experience. 

Having a single view of all their communications with students, means they can increase their engagement, retention and success - and ultimately improve revenue and targets. World-class educators have proven this. 

When top-performing UK educator, Swindon College implemented a private social network, within just 38 days they reported: 

  • 126 staff and 859 students were active on the network – with take-up exceeding all expectations 
  • 1,407 active groups - set up for social and learning related topics 
  • Over 15,000 instant messages had been shared – demonstrating increased levels of collaboration 
  • Nearly 2,500 group messages had been posted – a strong indicator of staff engagement and productivity gains 
  • Responses to absence notifications – resulting in improvements in attendance, punctuality and engagement.  

The extraordinary volume of direct messages demonstrated strong levels of student engagement and meant that the college could evidence its response to Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills) requirements. Having proven its success for learning support and peer-to-peer collaboration, the next step for the Institute was to develop the solution for enrolment and their full admissions process, and extend usage to parents (if permitted by students). The private social network brought about a revolution in Swindon College’s communication strategy – and it continues to pay off. 

From improving engagement with class activities, to supporting real-time, relevant interaction through an app, private social networks are increasingly the technology of choice to improve student engagement and to support the organisation to work as efficiently as possible. 

Are you ready for a communication revolution? 

The team here at Tribal would be delighted to discuss how our private social network – Student Engage– could be the technology for you.