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Of turnover typically identified as potential savings or opportunities for reinvestment though benchmarking.

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Performance Benchmarking

Improve the student experience AND the financial sustainability of operations, not as isolated aspects of performance, but as a truly combined approach.

The service is designed for senior HE leaders, including Strategic Planners, CEOs and Finance Directors looking to answer the question, "How much should a satisfied student cost the institution?"

Student Experience Surveys

i-graduate International Student Barometer; providing the global benchmark for world-class student experience.

Our surveys have been used by over 1400 organisations across 36 countries and draw upon responses from over 4 million students.

Financial Benchmarking

Embedding financial efficiency and informed investment that improves financial sustainability.

The service has been used by the majority of UK Higher Education institutions to truly understand the cost-base, aid strategic financial decision making, and help drive change throughout the institution.

Customer stories

University of Nottingham

"I would say to other Chief Financial Officers that benchmarking is an absolute must. It has been incredible in terms of helping to shape our plans and help us provide evidence to get support for those plans. It’s a no brainer, it’s something you should do, and on a regular basis."

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Margaret Monckton, Chief Financial Officer


Sunway University (Malaysia)

"The Student Barometer is also helping us improve teaching and learning year on year. I cannot recommend i-graduate Student Barometer highly enough – and not just for the significant time-savings it provides. It generates a wealth of data, and when you zoom in on the details of the student feedback, you’ll see just how valuable this tool is."

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Siti Fariza Mohd Dahlan, Director of University Services


University of Central Lancashire

"The Tribal Benchmarking data has quickly become integral to informing our budget planning process. Allied to greater sophistication in our income generation modelling, it has provided an objective ‘voice’ in demonstrating where we should be investing more and similarly, highlighting areas where we could be more lean.”

Joel Arber, Pro-Vice Chancellor (External Relations)


University of Minnesota

"Across the university, people want to know about the areas for improvement, and particularly appreciate the benchmarking information so they can see how we compare against other institutions. The evidence-base provided by the ISB is also reliable and robust enough to contribute to the more high-level administrators’ meetings.”

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Xi Yu, Evaluation Specialist at the International Student and Scholar Services


University of York

"If you've got limited resources, which most of us have, it tells you, for example, there's something going on with payroll in those four departments or that faculty; or there's something wrong about why we're investing so much in that specific area that students don't think is great. So, it lets you know you've got an issue and it tells you where to look."

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Jeremy Lindley, Finance Director


University of Derby

"Benchmarking has been really helpful – it has been socialized across the university in terms of the management structures and non-execs governance structures. It has really started a debate and given us a good, rich data source for making structural changes - looking at where we are at high cost, and helping us better understand that.”

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Craig Jones, Director of Finance