96% of students are using their college app to stay in touch

Posted by Sarah Athow-Frost

Our latest survey of students using our Engage app shows that app technology is still the method of communication most preferred by today’s learners.

Research shows that 41% of Gen Z would prefer to communicate with you on social media (Source: https://staffbase.com/blog/generation-z-in-the-workplace-5-ways-to-be-a-better-employer/). After all, we’re talking about an entirely digital generation who’ve been raised in a world of instant two-way communications – and who are bringing those expectations with them into further education.

That means the value of being able to speak to students in real time or send instant notifications – for example about a timetabling change - as well as building online communities based around interests and offering wellbeing support remotely - can be critical to support their learning.

Communication really is key when it comes to building a great student experience. Now more than ever, in times of uncertainty and changing arrangements due to the ongoing effects of the pandemic, having clear and consistent platforms that enable you to stay connected and check on wellbeing can make all the difference to keeping a learner on track. With the right tools, this doesn’t have to represent a big administrative task, either.

App technology can move your processes to a place where at the press of a button, you can streamline backend processes and give students a more connected experience.

The results of the annual Student Survey conducted each year by Tribal with users of the Engage app tells its own story.

A huge 97% per cent of students use their app at least once a week, while 53% use it every single day – so instead of waiting for email responses, how much quicker could it be to be able to send a fully safeguarded direct message?

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South Devon College have been active with their version of the app for a couple of years. Students use it for everything from scanning their bus pass in the morning to sending queries to tutors and receiving assessment feedback. Staff have found being able to use the app a huge benefit – one commented:

“I use it regularly as it’s the quickest way to communicate with students and they like to use it as they find it easier than email.”

Another staff member added:

‘I find it a very valuable tool to use. Students contact me if they will be late for class or if they have any questions about their work.”

In the survey, 96% of student users say they use the app as the first port of call when they need to contact staff.

And the students using the app find it a seamless part of their learning experience. One comments:

“The app is amazing and I can only hope others will see the benefits as much as I have.”

Engage provides colleges with an interface that puts students at the heart of everything they do. There are far-reaching benefits including:

  • Using technology that feels intuitive – 99% of students using the app said they found it easy to use and didn’t require training
  • Easy applications portal access – Removing barriers and making the application experience seamless via simple clicks back into their application via their phones
  • Keeping applicants on track – Nudge applicants back into their application via push notifications
  • Empowering staff-student comms – Enabling staff to reach out either 1-2-1 or in group messages in a way that is fully compliant with safeguarding requirements

With the past year making supporting the wellbeing and mental health of both learners and staff an urgent priority, having an app that enables peer support and instant access to welfare services and resources also comes into its own.

The Engage app integrates with all Tribal student management system and other add-on modules or can be offered as a standalone solution. So if learner communication is something you need to prioritise, this app can help to move you closer to that goal.

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