Putting the focus on data to improve teaching and learning

Posted by Beth Anderson

The education sector has always focused on ways to improve teaching and learning, to ensure positive outcomes for learners, from school through to further education colleges, universities and beyond. One way in which Tribal has partnered with institutions to gain success, is putting the focus on data to improve teaching and learning. What does this mean?

By using a system such as ebs, providers like Lakes College West Cumbria have managed to offer their staff and students a solution that has greater flexibly than previous and creates a one stop shop for the management of their data.

Karen Wilson, Deputy Principal Finance and Corporate Services, from Lakes College said:

We wanted to invest in Tribal’s solution to integrate our existing systems and offer greater flexibility than the software we previously used. It provides a more comprehensive record, better layout and is a one stop shop for clearer information about students and course records.”

Improved engagement

Early engagement is just the beginning, it’s keeping students and staff engaged that is vital to a successful software implementation. The correlation between engaged learners and success is apparent across ages, with those who are more engaged performing better.

Engaged students is just one of the aspects of teaching and learning that Ofsted are looking for when it comes to inspection. With funding for learning relying partly on course completion, engagement should be high on the list for any education provider.

Reports on engagement and tracking students teaching and learning for funding is easy with the data collected through ebs, which can then be sent to the ESFA for allocation.

Improving data quality through a single system

When it comes to data, it’s essential to have quality reports you know are correct – because without them, it’s possible to lose out on funding. By using an integrated solution, you can rest easy knowing that there is no import or export to a third-party system and all your data is one place. This means there is less chance of error and staff can save time entering data into one source.

Mobile-ready interface

A recent survey revealed that the average screen time in the UK stands at 3 hours 23 minutes per day, so it’s no surprise that users want solutions that are mobile-ready. Like with any system, advocates of a software come from those who enjoy using it early on, so it’s important to get students engaging straight away.

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