How Maytas helped to digitalise the delivery at NC Group

Posted by Beth Anderson

NC Group Ltd provide bespoke training services for their customers, supporting workforce development to future-proof workforces and helping to reduce skills gaps. Created by Lee Childs and Ian Nelson, under the expertise of the education and training industry, NC Group Ltd provides tailored services and training for their customers. 

Since their transition to a main apprenticeship provider on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP), in August 2022, NC Group Ltd required a solution to enable them to successfully complete their ILR returns, run reports, and manage their data records.  

After reviewing solutions available in the market, NC Group Ltd chose Tribal’s Maytas solution, as they felt it was most suited to their requirements and allowed them to transition from using spreadsheets. 

From the NC Group: 

We spoke to Darren Tate, Operations Manager WBL at NC Group Ltd to understand how Tribal helped the team move away from spreadsheets and start their digital delivery journey.  

“Our experience with Tribal so far is going great, we’ve completed our first two returns and had 0 errors, which is truly a testament to the training we received. From the start, we asked for quick enrolment due to apprentices who were already on-programme, and we needed to get them online and ready quickly. Tribal were excellent at making sure implementation went smoothly and in record time, which meant we could get started quickly.” 

Advice to others: 

“I would recommend Maytas and Tribal as a company. Having the discussion at the start to tailor our package and what we might need and might not, before signing up for a bespoke package meant that we could get started quickly and had what suited us. We’re looking forward to hopefully receiving more funding in the future to invest more into the Maytas product and expand our usage of the solution.”  

Understand more about how Tribal’s Maytas solution works here. 

If you’d like to chat with our team, we’d be happy to discuss your options, get in touch here. 


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