5 ways to boost apprenticeship recruitment

Posted by Beth Anderson

Apprenticeship recruitment is challenging, with high competition and the cost-of-living crisis creating demand for more programmes, driving applicants to your institution can be challenging.  We have compiled five ways to boost your apprenticeship recruitment and aid your apprenticeship strategy to ensure you drive positive outcomes. 


Standing out from the competition 

The changing economic pressures have continued to strengthen the appeal of apprenticeships at all levels of education including as an alternative to traditional higher education study routes. In recent years, degree apprenticeships have continued growth, with over 148,000 starts since 2014.  

Typically, apprenticeship providers will work hard to organise recruitment fairs and events that drive interest in the programmes available, working with employers to showcase the opportunities available.  

Whilst there is still a place for physical recruitment events, have you considered what happens once you’ve got the students to apply? It’s time to invest in a technology you can use from the start – helping to create a seamless transition from recruitment to completion for your potential apprentices. 


Introducing a self-service approach 

The self-service capabilities available in systems like Maytas, mean that apprentices can move along their recruitment journey without constant input from you and the employer. Not only does this put the learner in control but it eliminates otherwise manual work you would need to do for potentially hundreds of students at one time.  

What’s more, think about how long a traditional recruitment process takes, how can you cut that time down to create a less stressful, quicker journey for those hoping to be successful in applying for an apprenticeship?  


Boosting communication 

There is little more painful than waiting to hear back about an interview, let alone an apprenticeship job offer. By boosting communication through tech, applicants can see what stage in their application process they are and contact you, the recruiter, for an update in a simple SMS or an in-app chat function. 

Keeping students engaged prior to their start date is also important, whether by sending out pre-course reading, updates on what to expect or industry information. This can enable you to build relationships between the learners in each cohort prior to their start date which will help to retain potential learners and over time, achieve positive outcomes. 


No room for error 

The cost-of-living crisis has heightened the need for providers to access as much funding as possible and ensure they can deliver successful outcomes for their apprentices. Recruitment is just the beginning, with providers receiving a considerable portion of funding only once their learner has completed, ensuring that they are engaged until the end is vital. 

You must ensure you can perform ILR Data Returns efficiently and effectively, to receive your funding correctly. With a system like Maytas, you can rely on market-leading point-of-entry data validation, error warnings and online apprentice sign-up packs, creating a painless – and accurate – learner journey. 


Identify additional needs early 

During recruitment, you’ll meet potential apprenticeship candidates with various additional needs, which is why it’s essential to take note of any further support during the process and beyond, which these students may need.  

Once these are identified, should they become an apprentice at your provision, each student's individualised learning plan (ILP) can be bespoke to any additional support or learning they may require and help drive positive learner outcomes for all. 


Showcase how you drive positive outcomes 

Think about how you can show learners that it’s worth doing their apprenticeship at your provision over another. How? Discuss their opportunities through your tech that will engage them and drive positive outcomes.  

Using an app, like Engage, across multiple sites, you can ensure learners can access their course information at the touch of a button, find feedback from their assessor and communicate with peers to build a sense of community. 

If you’re interested in how Tribal can support your recruitment, get in touch. 

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