Five ways to be successful in 2023 through learner-led delivery

Posted by Beth Anderson

In 2023, Tribal expect to see a lot more emphasis on learner-led delivery, concentrating on how progress and performance and engaging learners can drive positive outcomes. 

We’ve devised five ways to be successful in 2023 through learner-led delivery. 

1. Invest in the right technology

It’s like you’ll already have the technology to manage your student information, probably in addition to multiple other systems for reporting, registers etc. Investing in one system that can do multiple tasks seamlessly is essential for revolutionising how you deliver your programmes. 

Tribal’s ebs can integrate with systems you already use, whilst providing a student information system and apprenticeship tool in one. What’s more, by using the Engage app alongside Tribal’s ebs solution, your learners have all their information in one place.  

Investing in a system that does it all means you’re less likely to create costly data mistakes and can save money by cutting out countless systems that likely duplicate features. Learners can also use one system to access all they need, eliminating the need to instruct them on using multiple platforms. 

2. Involve learners from the start 

Self-service technology enables students to lead their learning and engage with staff from the start of their journey. Engagement is critical to driving positive learning outcomes and starts as early as recruiting the learners to your provision. Learner-led recruitment can be as simple as allowing students to move along their journey by self-booking their interviews or once on a programme, requesting feedback from their tutors, and taking an active lead in moving their learning forward. 

3. Focus on Individualised Learning Plans 

If you’re not already, make sure you focus on developing an individualised learning plan (ILP) for each learner, ensuring they remain on track for a timely course completion. An ILP will also allow you to note learners with additional needs that require additional support.  

Apprentice drop-off rates are at almost 50% of starts since 2021 and with funding so tight for FE in 2023, keeping track of any at-risk learners is essential to avoid any loss in funding.  

4. Prioritise mental health 

Following the pandemic and entering a period of financial extremes, learners are under conflicting pressures to study, qualify, earn and support their families and communities. To add to this list, we’re seeing increasing reports of students suffering from dwindling mental health amidst the cost-of-living crisis.  

It’s important to remember that mental health and well-being should also include safeguarding your students. Providers should create a space where learners feel safe and connected to their peers, enabling them to build a sense of community in-person or virtually and allow students to self-report if they have concerns about themselves or someone else. 

Using an app like Engage can encourage students to build groups with others based on shared interests or connect with staff should they need to voice worries and concerns.  

“At the beginning of my course, when I got stressed, the app allowed me to talk to people and get some help,” said one Engage app user. 

5. Monitor absences 

Absences aren’t always ill students, there could be the fault of public transport cancellations, childcare commitments, etc. What’s important is how you track these absences and quickly spot and support those struggling students to maintain a good attendance record.  

Tribal’s ebs Ontrack features an absence reporting module that users can create custom absence types to track trends in non-attendance, meaning you can focus on supporting the learner, whatever their needs and reasons. 

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