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Posted by Venessa Sixbery

Numeracy is a crucial skill that is essential for everyday life, yet statistics show that a significant number of adults in England struggle with basic numeracy skills. According to the Department for Education, only 54% of adults in England have the numeracy skills equivalent to a GCSE grade C or above. This is a concerning issue that not only impacts individuals' ability to manage their finances and engage in everyday tasks, but also has wider implications for society as a whole.


As a leading provider of education quality assurance services, Tribal Education recognises the importance of addressing the issue of adult numeracy in England. Multiply is the government’s flagship programme for improving adult numeracy and Tribal are working together with the government on a research initiative aimed at understanding what works in adult numeracy education through a series of education research trials. By conducting rigorous research, we hope to identify effective strategies and interventions that can help adults improve their numeracy skills and ultimately enhance their quality of life.


Our Multiply website is now live detailing all the information about the research trial and how providers and local authorities can be involved. Multiply Education Research Trials | Home (


One of the key focus areas of Multiply is education research trials targeted at adults who do not have a level 2 or GCSE in Maths equivalent. These trials aim to test different approaches to teaching numeracy and assess their impact on learners' outcomes. By participating in these trials, learning providers have the opportunity to contribute to the evidence base on what works in adult numeracy education and improve their own practice.


There are several benefits for learning providers to take part in education research trials. Firstly, participating in research trials can help providers enhance their teaching methods and strategies by incorporating evidence-based practices. This can lead to improved outcomes for learners and increased confidence for adult learners. Additionally, being involved in research trials can help learning providers build their reputation as leaders in adult numeracy education and attract more learners to their programs.


Looking ahead, Tribal has several upcoming trials for adults taking GCSE Maths, Level 1 Functional Skills Maths, and Level 2 Health and Social Care. These trials will provide valuable insights into effective teaching methods and interventions for these specific subject areas, ultimately benefiting learners, teachers and providers. In the future, Tribal plans to expand its research to include opportunities for employers to participate in trials focused on numeracy skills in the workplace.


Addressing the issue of adult numeracy in England is a complex challenge that requires evidence-based solutions. By engaging with learning providers and local authorities, we hope to build a strong evidence base that can inform policy and practice in adult numeracy education. We encourage all interested parties to register their interest and join us in this important effort to improve numeracy skills for adults in England. Together, we can make a positive impact on individuals' lives and contribute to a more numerate society.

For more information and to register your interest, visit Multiply Education Research Trials | Home (



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