Top 5 Student Recruitment Dashboard views our customers can’t live without

Posted by Victoria Peddle

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Data is King’. Having data at your fingertips provides valuable insights on how well your institution’s student recruitment activity is performing against your desired targets. Being able to quickly analyse and visualise that data is key; no one has the time in their day to spend hours manipulating it just to extract the information they need. The demanding nature of our roles within institutions require the need for tools that do it for us, at a simple click of a button.   

Here are our Top 5 Student Recruitment Dashboards views that our customers can’t live without.

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#1 Recruitment Overview Dashboard

Student Recruitment teams within institutions are constantly asked how performance is tracking against target by senior members of staff, throughout the academic year.  Our dashboard provides visual insights on a number of recruitment activities including:

  • Number of prospectus requests being made,
  • Number of student enquires being received by a recruitment team, and
  • Chosen method of enquiry.

Each and every touchpoint with a prospective student is vital during the recruitment phase; this type of insight in an easily digestible format enables institutions to understand the peaks and troughs of enquiries coming in, and enable adequate resource planning to ensure a consistently high level of customer service.

This dashboard also allows institutions to keep track of the number of submitted applications and successful enrolments per faculty, providing valuable insight against recruitment targets and ultimately where marketing investments may be required.

The dynamic nature of our dashboards allows users to interact with the data in the graphs and pie charts, allowing data to be sliced and diced accordingly.

#2 Enquiry Team Leader Dashboard

Providing Recruitment Team Leaders with the tools to manage and distribute workload amongst its team members is essential. Our Enquiry Team Leader Dashboard allows clear oversight of all types of enquiries coming into a specific team within an institution whether they are received by email, a web portal, the telephone or in person. It is from this dashboard that a recruitment team leader can triage and distribute enquiries to various members of their team. Any escalated enquiries which require senior input also feature for the team leader to review.

Analysing the response and resolution times of individual enquiries provides a snap shot of the workload assigned to and completed by different members of the team, within a set period.

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#3 Recruitment Advisor dashboard

In the same way Team Leaders utilise specific dashboards to manage their team’s workload, individual Student Recruitment Advisors benefit from their very own tailored dashboard to manage and track their own enquiry workload. The Recruitment Advisor Dashboard provides a snap shot of the status of open enquiries, the split of enquiry types, the enquiry methods and a list of additional enquiries available to work on. Having all this information available in one place, provides recruitment advisors with the tools to work as efficiently as possible.

#4 Recruitment Conversion Dashboard

Tracking recruitment conversion metrics is likely the most important data to be tracked by any institution and a key metric your senior stakeholders will probably be most interested in. Having this information available at your fingers tips in a visual format is vital. Our recruitment and conversion dashboard combines data from an institution’s student records system and student recruitment CRM data to analyse recruitment efforts in converting prospective students into enrolled students. At a glance an institution can establish how many prospective students for a specified academic year attended an Open Day, submitted an application and went on and became a student.

Other graphs captured within this dashboard establish how effective certain recruitment activities have been in converting prospects into enrolled students. For example, one bar graph identifies the number of enrolled students for a specific academic year who attended an open day, indicating the effectiveness of open days in getting prospective students across the enrolment line. It is this type of data which is invaluable in proving the ROI for specific campaign activities, such as Institution Open Days. 

Establishing where your prospective students are in the recruitment cycle can also be useful, in a similar way Sales Professionals understand where their sales opportunities sit within a sales pipeline. The Recruitment Pipeline funnel presents a visual overview of where each of your prospective students are in your institution’s student recruitment journey. Once again, the Recruitment pipeline funnel is interactive, allowing the institution to drill into the funnel for data to be further manipulated and analysed in different ways and for specific prospective student records to be identified.

#5 Interview and Session Management

Managing the interview stage of any recruitment cycle can be challenging, especially when you’re juggling high volumes of candidates for numerous courses. Our Interview and Session Management dashboard provides a real-time view of how many interview sessions are in progress, a list of any specific interview access requirements (e.g. car parking, special access etc.), a list of interview no shows and interview non-respondents to follow up on. As and when applicants register for an interview and progress through the varied stages, the dashboard stays up-to-date to reflect the interview status.  


We hope these dashboard ideas inspire you to try out some new views to help with your recruitment data. To further assist you with recruitment and help you make the most out of your CRM system, why not take a look at our CRM Guide? 

A CRM system can provide a holistic view of student data in one dashboard, integrating data from student information systems with the application system. This helps institutions understand the needs and requirements of their students at every step of their journey, highlighting pinch points to be improved.


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