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University of Derby streamlines student recruitment, school liaison and event management with Tribal

Posted by Charlotte Boaden on March 9, 2021

University of Derby streamlines systems with Tribal's Student Marketing & Recruitment system

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Durham University – transforming student recruitment, engagement and retention with Tribal

Posted by Charlotte Boaden on February 18, 2021


With ambitious targets to transform the way it recruits and retains students – both domestic and international – Durham University needed to replace its spreadsheets and point solutions with a CRM platform that would support timely, relevant, targeted communications from pre-application support to post-enrolment. 

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The University of Reading transform their student journey

Posted by Ella Higham on April 27, 2020

The University of Reading is among the top 30 UK universities in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020 and is home to 19,000 students from over 150 countries. In 2016 the University celebrated the 90th anniversary of its Royal Charter and over the decades they have become innovators and pioneers, pushing academic boundaries and leading social change.

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Robert Gordon University Aberdeen – providing a single version of the truth with SITS

Posted by Ella Higham on April 14, 2020

Robert Gordon University Aberdeen have been long-time users of SITS, having implemented in 1998. Whilst the university had been able to bring some new elements of functionality on-board since their implementation, they weren’t able to go back and add to existing functionality to take advantage of new functionality or to amend embedded working practices in line with good practice. This left them in a position where they had workarounds supporting workarounds and were overly reliant on numerous external databases, rather than holding key information in SITS.  They also found themselves severely lacking in the internal resources required to support SITS:Vision.

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Sunway University leverages the Student Voice to benchmark its Student Experience

Posted by Admin on January 29, 2020

From their views on curriculum and lecturers, to WiFi, accommodation and the sports and leisure facilities available at a university, different student groups have different expectations. Domestic and international students have different needs, which vary depending on whether they are undergraduates or postgraduates, in Arts, IT, Business or Science. So the only way to truly understand their full range of opinions is to regularly ask for student feedback. Of course, it’s how the university responds to this student voice that really influences student satisfaction – and one university in Malaysia, Sunway University, is leading the way by using the i-graduate Student Barometer.

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Durham University talks ‘Admissions Management’

Posted by Admin on January 29, 2020

Founded in 1832 and ranked in the top 100 universities worldwide, Durham University has long been committed to excellence in all aspects of education and transmission of knowledge. In 2014 a strategic-level review of admissions recommended that the University should optimise its admissions processes to safeguard the recruitment of the most able and suitable candidates and enhance the quality of the applicant experience.

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University of Nottingham - Improving financial performance through benchmarking

Posted by Ella Higham on December 11, 2019

The University of Nottingham has been a customer of Tribal’s Financial Benchmarking for the last three years, aiming to positively impact the financial performance of the university to ultimately keep improving student performance.

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University of Aberdeen revolutionised their student engagement & conversion process

Posted by Tribal Group on December 3, 2019

Megan McFarlane from the University of Aberdeen explains how her team have revolutionised their student engagement and conversion processes by digitally transforming the way they do their jobs.

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How can benchmarking demonstrate the value & continuous improvement of TAFEs?

Posted by Tribal Group on June 21, 2019

Compared to their private counterparts, TAFEs stack up very differently – but what if we level the playing field? What if we measure not only inputs and outputs, but also outcomes? And how do we do that?

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Northumbria University revamp the way their staff collect, analyse & share information

Posted by Tribal Group on January 22, 2019

Northumbria University, based in the UK, has been a Tribal customer since 2005, when they implemented the SITS:Vision Student Information System. SITS:Vision has enabled the university to transform its student journey through one streamlined and powerful system.

The right solution

Northumbria University chose SITS:Vision and Tribal’s experts to revamp the way their staff collect, analyse, share and act on information. The market leading system supports the university from student recruitment and admissions, through to student support and retention. The software is designed to improve services, provide better access to information, increase accountability, automate processes and ultimately provide a better, seamless student experience.

The university use e:Vision, the SITS:Vision web portal, which can be used by both staff and students at the institution and is compatible with tablets and mobile devices. Northumbria University has developed e:Vision for both staff and students, they use it more and more due to increasing functionality, including bespoke workflows and business processes tailored to their needs.

The university’s internal processes have improved through using SITS:Vision, they are now able to serve up data and functionality to their staff and students, with confidence that the data is correct and based on real insights. It’s much easier for their staff to report on data and check student records, with the reassurance that the records are up-to-date and error free.  

Redefining student management

Melinda Cook, Assistant Director / Deputy Academic Registrar at Northumbria University said:

“SITS:Vision gives Northumbria University the ability to interact with our students and academics in one integrated system, reducing any inaccuracy and time wasted by using multiple student information systems. It has enabled us to maximise online processes and automation, saving time and resources for our internal teams.”

Working with Tribal

To conclude, Melinda said:

“We have a good relationship with Tribal and the Tribal team, we are happy with the support we receive, and we collaborate with their team to share our thoughts and suggestions on any enhancements that could be made to the technology.”

Looking to the Future

Northumbria University’s future strategy is to move their systems to the Cloud with the support of Tribal. Moving to the Cloud will ensure university applications are running and connected 24/7, reducing the hassle and stress of managing a student information system.

They are also looking to work with Tribal on the possibilities of better interfacing with SITS:Vision, their CRM and virtual learning environment. Finally, they are looking to enhance their use of SITS:Vision through more workflow processing and using online admissions to support their student recruitment process.

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Manukau Institute of Technology's success with ebs:ontrack

Posted by Tribal Group on December 28, 2018

Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) is rated a Category One educational provider by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). With six campuses across Auckland, MIT is recognised as a leader in technical and vocational education, delivering a range of academic qualifications to achieve significantly improved tertiary education outcomes in the region.

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Tertiary Education Commission NZ

Posted by Admin on December 15, 2018

The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) is responsible for the New Zealand Government’s $2.9 billion investment across over 700 tertiary education organisations in NZ. It leads the Government’s relationship with the tertiary education sector which includes universities, polytechnics, private training establishments, industry training organisation and other providers of higher education and training. 

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