How Tribal Engage can increase student engagement amidst the ongoing pandemic

Posted by Sarah Athow-Frost

How Tribal Engage can increase student engagement amidst the ongoing pandemic


With social distancing measures expected to continue for some time, technology is aiding the new normal in the education sector. Like many workplaces, educational leaders struggle to ensure pupil safety and keep students engaged with their studies both on and off-campus.

Over the last few months, Tribal’s annual Empower Online Conference has taken place on three separate occasions for Higher Education, Further Education and Skills and Training. The conference brought together hundreds from the education sector to discuss the significant issues that will help the industry become more resilient and continue delivering quality education.

We look back at Empower Online: Further Education on-demand session ‘Increasing student engagement’ and share key insights.

The connected student

 Mobile apps have changed the way students interact with the world. Students are more connected, collaborative, and innovative than ever before. From using their phone to buy almost everything to text more than they talk, institutions need to harness this power and stop using aspects such as phone lines and move into using direct messaging. Students are expecting the same capabilities that their phone offers from their institutions.

New call-to-action

 Now more than ever, it is paramount students stay on track during their remote working. Whether that’s through giving near-immediate feedback that better informs them ahead of their next lesson, getting their attention by facilitating students’ interaction with your extra-curricular activities, or building a virtual community to better relationships by offering a collaborative space, students should be given the tools they most excel in to use. 

Driving student community and engagement on and off-campus

 Tribal Engage is designed to reach beyond the technical and create the very best experience for the learner and the institution. Engage powers real-time secure communication between staff and students, 1-1 or in groups, allowing a sense of community and mentorship to grow on and off-campus. Ensuring your students are safe is paramount; Tribal Engage delivers a secure, standardised, and private social network for safe communication that is also fully auditable.

Watch the Empower Conference 'Skills and Training' webinar

But Tribal Engage is much more than just a chat app; it is an entirely mobile solution for the whole campus community. From consolidating your existing web portals and third-party tools into one single app for the campus to connecting the entire campus ecosystem by engaging students, staff, faculties, departments, and campus businesses, Tribal Engage fosters a sense of community and belonging.



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