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Posted by Ella Higham on March 12, 2021

There are currently around 2.4 million students at UK universities, with one in three suffering from clinical levels of psychological distress during these formative years.

Since 2009, Student Minds have been leading the change in student mental health across the UK and offer a whole host of ways to help Higher Education organisations support students and the wider workforce.

Whether your students are looking for support for their own mental health at university, to find support for a friend or a loved one, or for a service that might be readily available to students, help is available.

Tribal Group are committed to working with universities and other organisations like Student Mind to develop technology which helps students to access the support they need quickly and easily, whenever and wherever they need it.

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Student Minds signposting to student mental health support/resources: 

Support through coronavirus: 

Direct support: 

  • Phone support: Student Space is here to help. Call us FREE on 0808 189 5260. Access a dedicated freephone number which is open from 4pm to 11pm, offering listening support, information and onward signposting for students. 
  • Text support: Student Space is here to help. To start a conversation, text ‘STUDENT’ to 85258. Get 24/7 support from a trained volunteer. It’s free, confidential and anonymous. Whether you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety,loneliness or relationship issues, we’re here to listen and support you. 
  • Webchat support: Student Space is here to help. Access webchat support from 4pm to 11pm everyday to talk to a trained supporter who will listen and help you talk through any issues you are experiencing. 
  • Email support: Student Space is here to help. Email us at to get support from a trained supporter. Whatever is causing you concern, we’re here to listen. Whether it’s your mental health, your studies, worries about money or relationships, we can support you and help you move forward. 


  • Student Minds Blog: Read tips for students by students on the Student Minds Blog. 
  • Eating disorders: Student Minds share more information about eating disorders and how to support someone. 
  • Bipolar: Student Minds share more information about bipolar disorder and how to support someone. 
  • Depression: Student Minds share more information about depression and how to support someone. 
  • Anxiety: Student Minds share more information about anxiety and how to support someone. 
  • OCD: Student Minds share more information about OCD and how to support someone. 
  • Psychosis: Student Minds share more information about psychosis and how to support someone. 
  • Looking after your wellbeing: Student Minds share small steps you can take to look after your wellbeing. 
  • Tips on navigating university life/Freshers: Student Minds are here to help you navigate university life - explore tips and resources in their Transitions guide. 
  • Studying abroad: Read more tips on studying abroad on the Student Minds website. 
  • Finance: Explore more tips on managing your finances and where to find support on the Student Minds website. 
  • Exams: Explore more tips on managing exam stress on the Student Minds website.
  • LGBTQ+: Read more tips and information in Student Minds’ LGBTQ+ resource. 
  • Caring for a family member: Read tips written by students who are supporting family members in Hope’s guide. 
  • Postgraduate research students: Find more information on The Wellbeing Thesis, an all-inclusive informational website to support you through your postgraduate research journey. 

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