Seamless systems for continual progress for BT Group PLC

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BT Group PLC is a leading communications and network services provider in the UK and around the world. In the UK alone, BT employs 73,500 people, manages over 21 million customers and undertakes around 12 million transactions every day. It’s safe to say, BT is a vast organisation, but one with its staff and customers at the heart of it.

As part of its commitment to its staff, BT offers the choice of three levels of apprenticeships and on the job training and development. They believe their apprentices are the future of the company and trust that good quality training will provide their employees with the focus needed to make their customers happier, bring in more business and reduce wasted costs.

Committed to their goal

BT has been a dedicated Tribal customer for over 10 years and during this time, Tribal has been committed to supporting BT’s ultimate goal - to be a better provider of training and to maximise learner outcomes and the learner experience.

To help realise their goals, BT chose a number of Tribal systems, that work together, to create a seamless process – from learner management, to understanding self-assessment and providing functional skills. Ten years on, and BT remain dedicated to their goal.

Seamless systems for continual progress

Initially, BT chose Maytas, the UK’s market leading learner management system, to manage their apprenticeship offering.  Using Maytas, BT was able to save a lot of administration time, as well as claim funding so much faster and automate processes with templates, offering them a consistent, yet flexible approach to learner management.

Along with all further education and skills providers, BT is required to complete a self-assessment each year. Rather than see it as a mandatory ‘tick box’ exercise, BT wanted to emphasise their commitment to self-improvement and truly realise their goals to grow as a training provider.

BT chose Tribal’s ActionPlan+ tool to help them do just that. ActionPlan+ is a self-assessment planning tool that helps evidence a provider against the Ofsted common inspection framework. At BT, everyone is responsibility for self-assessment, not just the head of the training department.

Speaking on behalf of BT Group, Head of MIS Chris Wood said:

“We find it easy to use and share the outputs of the self-assessment with snapshot reports indicating where we are. It’s not a one-off thing we do and then forget about; we integrate the tool into our processes so that it becomes core to ‘real action’ and our quality improvement cycle.”

Speaking on behalf of Tribal, Sales Director Cheryl Watson, said:

“We really admire BT’s commitment to apprenticeships and general ethos towards learning. Their staff have the best opportunities to develop their skills in an easily accessible and personal way. BT is seeing many benefits to their apprenticeship programmes and we’re thrilled to be supporting such an influential employer.” 

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