Tribal wins contract with St. Joseph's School – Stanthorpe

Posted by Admin on June 25, 2018


Tribal Group’s SchoolEdge has been awarded the contract to provide St. Joseph's School – Stanthorpe with our new web-enabled SchoolEdge module ‘SchoolEdge Parent Portal’. 

SchoolEdge Parent Portal will provide the school with a single point of contact for families by allowing them to publish all key communications such as newsletters and reports in a reliable and efficient manner. 

For the parents of students, SchoolEdge Parent Portal will allow them to be more engaged in their child’s learning with features such as being able to provide feedback to teachers on assessment items and conveniently book appointments for parent-teacher interviews. 

Andrew Kendall, St. Joseph's School – Stanthorpe’s Principal said the following, “Communication with parents is key to the success of our school. SchoolEdge Parent Portal will allow a two-way communication channel that ensures parents are provided with key information about their child/ren. The portal will act as an avenue for parents and caregivers to provide the school with up-to-date, relevant information. We are looking forward to SchoolEdge Parent Portal and the avenues it will open for our school.”

Rob Corner, Tribal’s APAC Schools Business Development Manager said the following, “It’s great news that St. Joseph's School – Stanthorpe have chosen SchoolEdge Parent Portal. It will reduce paperwork, printing and postage costs that will make significant savings for the school that can then instead be used to benefit the whole school community.” 

Watch an online demonstration to see how SchoolEdge Parent Portal can empower your school.

Parent Portal demonstration


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