Can you answer yes to these three important reporting and marking questions?

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Can you answer yes to these three important reporting and marking questions?


In today’s world, technology enables us to do wonderful things. Laptops, mobiles and tablets all silently talk and connect to one another making daily tasks simple and productive. A school’s student management system should be no different when it comes to writing reports. With so many solution options to choose from, what does good reporting and marking software look like – and what other school management software does it need to integrate with to maximise time-saving?

You’ll know your report writing solution is fit for purpose if you can you answer ‘yes’ to all three questions:

  1. Is your reporting process driven by timetabling software that pre-populates the report with each student’s subjects and classes?
  2. Does your assessment and marking software record, monitor and calculate marks and grades and automatically upload them to the reporting template?
  3. Do you have full attendance data at your fingertips to include in your reports?

If you're answering no to any of these questions, it might be time to think about whether you’re using the right kind of reporting and assessment marking solution. The right solution will save you time and money and, perhaps most importantly, improve student engagement and encourage parent support.

For inspiration, check out our blog on what to look for in a reporting and assessment marking solution and click below to watch our online demonstrations.


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